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Why a World Expo in Riyadh Would be a Pivotal Moment for the International Community

Act on climate, embrace a different tomorrow, and ensure prosperity are all guiding principles for the international community, with Riyadh’s World Expo 2030 bid looking to spotlight them in a new era of progress.

A collaborative vision

The UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a key marker of progress on issues such as climate change, economic disparity, and social inequality. Complementing these objectives, Saudi has developed its own platform—Vision 2030—to help facilitate domestic and international progress.

World Expo has emerged as a beacon of possibility, and a platform for exploring progress. As such, Expo 2030 presents a unique opportunity for the host country to lead by example and spearhead international cooperation toward a brighter future.

As Riyadh finalizes its bid to host this transformative event, it hopes to harness the power of all nations to tackle the defining issues of our times.

A different tomorrow

For Riyadh, A Different Tomorrow, is not a distant dream, but a tangible reality it hopes to construct through hosting World Expo. 

Reflecting SDG Goal 9, this core theme aims to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation.

“A Different Tomorrow is a future in which technology truly strengthens and serves our human needs,” says HH Princess Haifa Al-Mogrin. “A future in which our cities are better designed and more sustainable; a future in which generations live in health and harmony.”

Not only would a World Expo in Riyadh identify, finance, and scale collaborative innovation projects, but in hosting, the city would serve as a living testament to advancements in sustainable solutions.

From mobility to urban planning, the Expo site will exemplify progressive design, becoming a social, economic, and cultural hub for the Saudi capital’s vibrant community of creative minds. 

But the legacy impact will extend far beyond the last day of World Expo. Working with 100 eligible countries to repurpose their exhibitions, national pavilions will live on as schools, hospitals, or other critical infrastructure in countries around the globe. Meanwhile, the site’s transformation into a start-up hub post-Expo will help deliver a vision of a future where technology enhances human resilience and makes cities more sustainable.

Climate action

As we approach 2030, the need to combat climate change becomes increasingly urgent, encapsulated in SDG Goal 13’s call for urgent action. 

Saudi’s $92 billion sustainability strategy demonstrates its active engagement in working towards a green future, and has set the stage for its Expo bid which continues the country’s commitment to Climate Action. As HE Adel Al Jubeir, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Climate Envoy, says:

“Our bid is a testament to the role we aim to play in shaping a sustainable future. It is a pledge to foster and facilitate the global collaboration that is essential to developing solutions for the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.”

A World Expo in Riyadh aims to be sustainable throughout the entire event lifecycle. From planning and construction to operation and legacy, Riyadh is committed to resource efficiency, renewable energy, biodiversity, waste minimization, and water conservation.

Prosperity for all

In the pursuit of SDG Goals 4, 5, and 10, aimed at education, gender, and inequality, Riyadh’s World Expo bid, under the banner of Prosperity for All, seeks to embody Saudi’s commitment to fostering equal opportunities on a global scale.

“Prosperity, in its truest sense, is not simply an economic condition,” says His Excellency Ahmed Al Khateeb, Minister of Tourism. It’s a holistic realization of well-being, security, and opportunity for every individual, community, and nation.” 

Central to this commitment is the One Nation, One Pavilion principle, ensuring that the Expo becomes a platform where a diverse range of nations are fully and equally represented. 

Riyadh’s dedication to international participation is also seen through an allocation of $343 million to assist 100 eligible countries in showcasing at World Expo. This financial support, which will be used to develop, build, and operate pavilions, will help dismantle barriers to participation and facilitate global prosperity. 

World Expo 2030 signifies a turning point in global development, with Riyadh’s bid to host aiming to further collaboration on innovation, climate action, and shared prosperity.

Riyadh’s strategic bid aims to transcend borders, celebrating the progress that’s already been made, while also emphasizing the work that still needs to be done to ensure a better tomorrow.  

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