The company putting people into its digital DNA

The automotive industry is currently undergoing enormous change. Many view this as a pivotal period in history, between the global push for lower emissions through electric vehicles and the introduction of autonomous cars. But regardless of the changes to the majority of vehicles, there’s one essential component: tires.

Brisa, formed in 1988, is an industry juggernaut based in Turkey. And what's kept them at the forefront of the automotive industry is adaptability.

However, there’s no guarantee that technology will make our lives simpler. Without careful planning and thinking about what your people and your customers need, it can exacerbate underlying problems. But introducing the right technology can transform lives and businesses, from a chatbot that makes thousands of people’s lives easier every day, to being able to video call anyone, anywhere without worrying about the connection.

When people don’t have to worry about small problems, they can begin to think bigger, which leads to exciting developments.

Maintaining a decade's long lead

In industries experiencing disruption as rapidly as the automotive industry is, organizations need to be as agile and resilient as possible to respond to opportunities and changes in the market.

With 2,900 employees and more than 1,400 domestic, 6.000+ international sales points, 83+ distributors worldwide across multiple offices needing to communicate with suppliers, customers, and external stakeholders, Brisa needed to find technology that works across different organizations. And that’s before the trend of employee-owned smart devices and the blurring of work/life balance complicates things further. With many people expecting the ease in which they communicate in their personal lives, businesses in any sector must respond to what their employees want to enable the greatest productivity.

Most organizations want to incorporate this technology's benefits into their existing ecosystem and manage it safely, which led Brisa to Microsoft Teams. This managed solution immediately gave employees the features they needed to be productive while cutting out security risks and broken business processes.

And when people don’t have to worry about small problems, they can begin to think bigger, which leads to exciting developments. One of the standout and most versatile examples of this is Robi, an AI based automation robot including a chatbot created with a standard feature in the Teams offering. It's flexible enough to allow users to check on financial reports and sales data, perform password resets, enter annual leave requests and even view the daily lunch menu.

With Microsoft Teams, employees could seamlessly communicate and share data between departments, external suppliers, and stakeholders in the parent company. Best of all, with a managed platform designed with enterprise-level security (powered by Microsoft ATP Plan 2) in mind, they could do it safely, whether logging in from a desktop, a laptop, or a mobile device.

"The file-sharing speed, the ability to hold meetings, and the quality of communication between our users and stakeholders have increased significantly with the use of Microsoft Teams," explains Kadir Tanhan, System Specialist at Brisa.

By undergoing digital transformation and aligning their business on a singular platform, Brisa has seen an 80% improvement in their processes. Now more than ever, they're ready to take on the automotive industry's changing needs.