Subaru - Proud supporter of CNN Heroes for 8 years

Subaru - Proud supporter of CNN Heroes for 8 yearsSubaru - Proud supporter of CNN Heroes for 8 years.

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I love watching her grow up… so that's why I need to stay sober. — Sandra Tooley, Phoenix Multisport Member

A life with focus.

When Sandra Tooley realized her addiction was affecting her relationship with her daughter, she decided to commit to sobriety. She tried several times in the past, but when she found Phoenix Multisport, an organization that uses group sports to help recovering addicts stay on track, everything clicked. No longer distant and depressed, she says, “Phoenix has done a lot for me.”

“It cost us $1 a day to serve somebody at Phoenix,” says Scott Strode, founder of Phoenix Multiflex, the non–profit geared at helping recovering addicts stay on track through group fitness activities. Since Scott's foundation received a donation from Subaru, he has taken his Colorado–founded organization to a national level with new centers in Boston and Southern California. He's added over 20 new programs and widened his activities list to include surfing, paddle boarding and other water sports. In total, Scott has brought free recovery services to more than 17,000 people over the course of nine years. And more personally, the outreach “healed my self esteem and the shame of my addition,” Scott says.


Ned has given me back my life. — Bob Dudley, Warriors on Wheels Member

Towards a
stronger life

“I was 14 and swimming at a friend's house, and I just dove too deep…” said Bob Dudley of the injury that left him quadriplegic. When the doctor told him he would never walk again, he was devastated. Several decades later, he found himself struggling with cancer and low self esteem, that is until he found Warriors on Wheels, a gym that provides fitness for the disabled.

Ned Norton had trained Olympic athletes and football players, and now, with the help of donations from Subaru, he trains people around the world with disabilities. Less than 12 months ago Ned was recognized by CNN Heroes and received a donation from Subaru. Since then Ned has started a global project to expand Warriors on Wheels to places like Cambodia, Somalia, Mali and Kenya. He sends exercise equipment and provides live training demonstrations via video chat. He's been able to reach nearly 3,000 clients around the world, some suffering from birth defects and others with land mine injuries. “I don't worry about what you can't do,” he says. “We focus on what you can do.”


It's OK to cry, because that's how we feel. – Angelo Jr. & Janya, Roberta's House Guest

Rebuilding a
fractured life.

Janya lost her father just over a year ago when an unidentified man shot him in the street. To help cope with her grief, Janya's mother took her to Roberta's House, a non–profit organization in Baltimore that helps children and families deal with loss.

Grief “can become very complicated and lead to greater crisis later in life,” says Annette March–Grier, founder of Roberta's House. Since receiving a Subaru donation in 2014, Annette has acquired additional space, purchased cubicles, desks, computers, a copier and set up a network of phone lines for operation. She's hired six more employees and added 300 people to her service list. She also began providing in–home care to those suffering from grief. They're “at the highest risk for mental and physical health problems,” she says. In the future, she hopes Roberta's House will become a model for other cities. With the donation from Subaru, she says, they have the support to open many doors.

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