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Housing service members isn’t just the right thing to do. It makes our communities stronger.

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"Lighting the Way" in Detroit to reduce veteran homelessness

Congratulations to the recipients of the Rocket Mortgage "Lighting the Way" award for their efforts to drive reductions in veteran homelessness in Detroit.

Ending veteran and chronic homelessness in Bergen County, New Jersey

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Across the country, nearly 40,000 veterans will experience homelessness tonight. This is both extremely heartbreaking and completely unacceptable. We are in the business of helping people realize the dream of homeownership, and we understand the tremendous value of a place to call your own. Together with Community Solutions and local partners, we will ensure that veterans and those suffering from chronic homelessness have a place to call home, equipped with the foundation they need to create permanent change.

Jay Farner

Rocket Mortgage CEO

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Communities that have eliminated veteran homelessness