Inspiring Tomorrow

In this three-part film series from PurePoint® Financial, we'll meet a number of courageous individuals who aren't letting everyday challenges stop them from building a brighter future. Instead, these inspiring people are investing their time, energy and money today to create a more promising tomorrow—for themselves, and others.

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Pierre Habis

Message from President Pierre Habis

The stories in this series all focus on actions that empower brighter tomorrows. PurePoint Financial President Pierre Habis believes the key to realizing those goals starts with smarter saving habits. By saving for tomorrow, we can dream bigger and achieve our dreams sooner.

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Lessons in Gold

One aspiring skier's mentor taught her the value of planning and saving in pursuit of her dreams.

Sometimes it takes a big commitment to inspire change. But in many cases, it's the little things we do consistently that point the way to a brighter tomorrow.

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Virtual Miracles

Teens and senior citizens meet up to take a virtual tour of the world—and learn how technology can bring the generations together.

People across the country are learning that it takes initiative to shape a brighter future, and our next group of young women in Harlem is leading the charge.

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Born to Fly

Empowering girls on and off the ice through a sisterhood of positivity.

For all of these stories, and countless others around the country, it's about empowering new generations with the tools they need to succeed—and inspiring them to reach higher.

At the core of the PurePoint Financial mission is a belief in the timeless qualities of hard work, planning, and forward-thinking that will lead to a better future for all of us.

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