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More Than
Just a Flight

How Singapore Airlines harnesses technology to cater to the changing needs
of customers.

Singapore Airlines

Get ready for your flight:

  1. Travelers should ensure that they meet the immigration and regulatory requirements of their itinerary
  2. Pre-order your meals
  3. Purchase trip add-ons such as extra baggage, extra legroom, KrisShop and Pelago

Singapore Airlines

Online check-in is now open and will close 1.5 hours before your flight departs. After you have checked in, you may generate a QR code to print your luggage tags at the airport for convenient self-service check-in.

7 days before take-off

You will receive an email detailing how to prepare for your flight from pre-departure, to your onboarding experience and during your trip itself.

2 days before take-off

You will receive a check-in reminder and
a prompt to upload your travel documents and other relevant information.

Whether reconnecting with your loved ones overseas or dreaming of far-flung beaches and city breaks, booking a trip is a
complex endeavor.

With its commitment to deliver a world-class experience, Singapore Airlines has been reimagining the customer journey across multiple touchpoints in the air, on the ground, and in the digital space.

“By keeping a real-time pulse on the challenges travelers are facing and changing customer preferences, we’ve been able to rapidly innovate and leverage the latest technology to enhance and redesign the pre-flight customer experience,” explains Haoyu Dai, Divisional Vice President Digital,
Singapore Airlines.

Through care, creative thinking, and leveraging digital solutions, the airline has proactively taken steps to review every aspect of the pre-flight experience.

“From researching a trip right through to connecting their mobile device to the seatback entertainment system, we’re committed to delivering a consistent and premium
travel experience.”

Haoyu Dai

Understanding customer pain points and their evolving needs is essential. Backed by research from its Customer Insights Team and staff on the ground, Singapore Airlines launched and enhanced digital tools that enable customers to better prepare for
their trip.

Peace of Mind
Before Traveling

Proactive notifications provide travelers with peace of mind that they have appropriately prepared for their trip ahead.

A week before take-off, customers receive an email to check for regulatory requirements, pre-order meals, or purchase any trip add-ons. Two days before take-off, passengers who did not opt for automatic check-in will receive a reminder to check-in online or via the SingaporeAir mobile app, after which they can generate a QR code to print their luggage tags at the self-service kiosk on arrival at the airport.

Travelers are also notified in advance of schedule changes and other amendments to their upcoming trip.

Technology with
a Human Touch

Travelers can expect exceptional customer experience regardless of where and when they interact with Singapore Airlines. In order to provide travelers with a convenient way to access information, Singapore Airlines introduced its chatbot, Kris; a dedicated AI and machine learning-powered instant messaging communication platform.

Travelers can message Kris to seek quick support at any time. For frequently-asked queries, travelers can get answers instantly. If they need more information, they are directed to customer service. The innovative chat platform also means fewer calls for customer service agents, saving customers valuable time when contacting the call center for more complex queries.

“Using machine learning, we use real customer inquiries to teach Kris how to reply to the most common questions.”

Haoyu Dai

“Kris is capable of assisting customers with topline queries before connecting them to the relevant information on our website or to
a customer service agent who can further assist them,” says Dai.

The Ultimate
Travel Companion

For many travelers, airline apps have become an essential travel tool, allowing them to skip airport counters and check-in kiosks and head straight to security with their hand luggage.

By expanding its app’s functionalities, including online check-in and the digitization of inflight magazines and menus, Singapore Airlines continues to put customers at the heart of the entire travel journey.

8 days before take-off

Through the SingaporeAir mobile app, or, travelers can view inflight menus eight days before take-off.

First Class, Business, and Premium Economy passengers can pre-order meals through the app or on

2 days before take-off

Through the e-Library you can download over 150 of your favorite international publications 48 hours before your flight to read
offline while inflight.

Downloads of digital reading material should be completed prior to departure, as access inflight requires an active Wi-Fi plan.

Any time before take-off

Access KrisWorld on the SingaporeAir mobile app, and browse the inflight entertainment on offer any time before departure. You can compile a custom playlist of your favorite movies, TV shows, or music to watch once onboard.

Control KrisWorld remotely on the inflight entertainment screen, all from your
personal device.

First Class, Business, and Premium Economy passengers can
pre-order meals through the app or on

Downloads of digital reading material should be completed prior to departure, as access inflight requires an active Wi-Fi plan.

As Singapore Airlines develops its app
in-house, it has full flexibility on how to keep enhancing the experience.

“Using agile methodology, we are prioritizing app features based on customer values and needs on a continuous basis,” says Dai.

“The focus now is on allowing passengers to be able to do more things on the mobile app, should they desire to do so.”

Haoyu Dai

Keeping the Human Touch
in the Digital Age

With the rapid integration of new technology in the pre-flight experience, does an increasing number of digital tools and automation come at the expense of a human touch?

“Passengers want to receive instant and reliable information and access the fastest, most efficient way of doing things,” says Dai.

“Our use of digital is a complement to the human touch that we are proud of. Digital is used to enhance, not replace. It’s about giving customers the ability to choose.”

Haoyu Dai

While technology has been essential to meeting customer needs, it’s the people—from those working at headquarters to ground staff and cabin crew—that allow Singapore Airlines to deliver on its promise of “World Class”. Whether it is face-to-face interaction, more empathetic AI, or someone at the end of the phone line, enabling access to personable service will always remain at the forefront of the travel experience with Singapore Airlines.

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