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As the travel industry doubles down on recovery, Singapore Airlines leverages technology to enhance the passenger experience at the airport.

As the world recovers from a long drawn-out pandemic, the reopening of borders has made international travel more tempting than ever. However, the prospect of tiresome check-in procedures, shifting entry requirements,
and staying safe during travel can easily
deter planning.

Singapore Airlines has been carefully considering how they can make post-pandemic travel straightforward and comfortable through technology and thoughtful touches that
instill confidence.

“As people get back to flying again, we have implemented innovations and ideas during the pre-boarding travel stage
to make the experience with us more convenient.”

Rebecca Wong

“By harnessing digital technologies and listening to our customers, we can deliver a safe and seamless experience, from check-in to bag drop to relaxing in the lounge ahead of a flight,” says Rebecca Wong, Manager, Ground
Experience Development.

Online Check-in
Made Simple

With more people beginning to travel, reducing contact and time spent in the airport is vital. Singapore Airlines has further enhanced its check-in system, making it more convenient: travelers have various ways
to check-in, including an entirely
contactless experience.

Two days before the flight, travelers will receive an email inviting them to check-in online, which they can do up until an hour and a half before the flight. The system flows through the check-in steps, automatically populating information that they have submitted, all they need to do is to check and update. Health certificates are just as easy to input into the system, so there’s no need to wait until getting to the check-in counter to verify the documentation.

As long as health certificates have a verifiable QR code, travelers can scan them using their personal devices. Then, they’re checked against the specific requirements of the destination country and verified almost instantly. As travel restrictions can change at a moment’s notice, “when entry requirements change, so does our system,” says Wong.

Singapore Airlines is able to digitally process all major international Covid-19 certificates, including:

  1. HealthCerts
  2. EUDCC
  3. DIVOC
  4. ICAO
  5. VDS
  6. NHS COVID Pass
  7. MySejahtera

A digital boarding pass will be generated, and if you don’t have further document checks or baggage to check-in you can head straight to security once at the airport.


For in-person check-in at Singapore Changi Airport, travelers can head to the self-service kiosk, which takes them through the same steps as online check-in.

“The airport is a high-traffic area, which used to require frequent interaction with people. To put customers at ease, self-service kiosks and bag drop machines are a big part of how we’re working to minimize contact at the airport,” explains Wong. It is also speeding things up; the entire check-in and bag drop process takes about five minutes, or less, and has resulted in a significant reduction in
wait times.

When checking-in with friends or family at the kiosk, you can combine bookings, choose to sit next to each other, and pool luggage allowance.

Confirm your details as they automatically populate, and provide proof of required health certificates by scanning the QR code on your certificate(s).

Print out your boarding pass and bag tags, attach them to your bags, and drop them at the self-service bag drop station.

While modern conveniences are welcomed, Singapore Airlines recognizes the importance of the personal touch. Its staff remains close
to offer assistance to anyone who needs help checking in or printing and attaching luggage tags. Having a presence on the ground provides insight into traveler behavior, allowing check-in processes to be updated
whenever necessary.

For some travelers, time spent after checking-in is their favorite part of the journey; it offers the chance to relax, grab a bite to eat or get some work done. Singapore Airlines kept all of this in mind when it began redesigning its SilverKris and KrisFlyer Gold lounges, located at Singapore Changi Airport’s Terminal 3.
“In the redesign of the lounges, we placed our core focus on customer needs and comfort. At the same time, a fundamental principle was to future-proof the lounge environment so that there is always flexibility to adapt to our customers’ evolving needs. When the pandemic hit in the middle of renovations, this proved a huge advantage,” says Philipp Lim, Manager, Premium Passenger Services.
This flexibility allowed Singapore Airlines to quickly adjust to changing attitudes toward shared spaces and self-service food counters, replacing them with digital alternatives. “Suspending the self-service buffet meal service at the height of the pandemic was essential to keep customers safe, and we leveraged the lounge redesign to swiftly implement a digital food and beverage ordering system that helped to minimize social interactions,” says Lim.
And as restrictions have eased, the resilience of the new design has facilitated the re-introduction of buffet services, as well as table service in selected lounge areas.
Should travelers need to get some work done, they can do so from the productivity pods at the SilverKris Lounge; ergonomic spaces that offer privacy. If a little relaxation is needed alongside work, the lounge’s newly designed modular chair allows you to work and dine seamlessly from the comfort of a
sofa seat.

“It’s all about making people feel comfortable,” says Lim, pointing to Singapore Airlines’ research findings that travelers increasingly opt to eat, work, and relax in the same space rather than stay in business centers.

“We want to make sure that they have the choice of privacy, and also all the services and amenities that they need to make the most of their journey.”

Philipp Lim

Singapore Airlines taps into your five senses to deliver a memorable experience:

Sight: The airline’s signature batik motif can be seen tastefully incorporated in the design of their products and services.

Touch: Look forward to the warmth of the celebrated Singapore Airlines’ service excellence, as well as the comfortable furnishings.

Smell: Singapore Airlines’ signature ambient scent, Batik Flora, greets you as you arrive at the lounge foyer.

Sound: The Sound of Singapore Airlines, their sonic signature, is a melody composed in collaboration with an award-winning composer.

Choose from a wide range of food and drinks offerings available for self-service.

Enjoy your selection at the various dining areas, including al fresco spaces under the terminal’s skylights with an enviable view of the runway.

Taste: Singapore Airlines offers nourishing, delightful, and satisfying meals across local and international fares to tantalize the taste buds of passengers.

Comfort Guarantee

By leveraging technology and its long heritage of excellent customer service, Singapore Airlines makes sure that travelers feel safe and comfortable at every step of their journey.

From a safety-focused approach to checking in, to an adaptable lounge designed to meet customer needs before boarding their flights, travelers can look forward to an enhanced and enjoyable airport experience with
Singapore Airlines.

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