Banking on change

Across the globe, millions of manual laborers are lost in the supply chain simply because they lack an economic identity. It is a vicious circle that makes extreme poverty inevitable, but one that this social entrepreneur is on a mission to break.

Ashish Gadnis is the Co-Founder and CEO of BanQu, a software company that uses blockchain technology to provide global brands with transparency and traceability of the entire supply chain. Most importantly, it ensures every worker has access to their transaction data so they can become truly bankable. All that’s required is a mobile phone, an internet connection, and SMS.

“Technology is not the real game-changer,” explains Gadnis. “It’s the responsibility of brands in taking supply chain verification seriously.” And so, in this episode of the Forward, Better podcast, he joins Professor Hannah Fry to discuss the role of accountability in powering sustainable change, bettering people’s lives, and creating a just world.


Forward, Better

with Professor Hannah Fry

Forward, Better with Professor Hannah Fry brings a collective of industry pioneers together to discuss the secrets of a successful Sustainability Transformation. In each episode, hear the inspiration behind their impact missions, the solutions that are driving them forward, and the insights you need to jump-start your own.


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