The Surprising Power of CERAMICS

Our world is rapidly transforming. As climate change shifts the focus to the environment, businesses need to become more conscientious and learn to lower their carbon footprint, become energy efficient and sustainable. By keeping energy, ecology and, electronics as the cornerstones of its corporate philosophy, NGK Insulators has perfected creative solutions that not only benefit the environment but also society and the economy.

NGK started off small in 1919, before successfully manufacturing insulators to develop better energy sources. Today, by leveraging ceramic technology, NGK has devised smart and eco-friendly components for diverse sectors, including telecommunications, electronics and automotive, in more than 100 countries.

From sophisticated insulators and filters to energy storage devices and electronic components, over time, these products have added value and helped safeguard the environment as well as the businesses using them. Here’s how...

Powering Sustainability

The ability to store energy is a key step forward in the journey to achieving sustainability. NGK’s cutting-edge NAS* batteries—a large-capacity energy storage system—have been landmarks in this context. These sustainable energy sources optimize the potential of renewable energy sources while ensuring steady output and protecting power grids against output fluctuations unique to wind and solar generation facilities.

Smartly-designed Subnano-ceramic membranes separate CO2 natural gas (mainly composed of methane at the molecular level), in an environmentally-friendly manner. This system drives the stable and sustainable infrastructure required to manage oil and gas fields with excessive levels of impurities.

* NAS and the NAS logo are trademarks of NGK Insulators, Ltd., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Surplus Energy

Surplus Energy

Sustaining Societies

Electricity sustains societies. Recognizing that, NGK developed insulators that ensure the safety and stability of energy lines so power supply stay uninterrupted. These ceramic insulators are tough, durable, reliable, and resilient in the face of inclement weather and regular wear and tear. From protecting overhead transmission lines from lightning, to isolating steel towers and equipment, these insulators ensure energy continues to flow unhindered into homes and businesses.

Small Yet Powerful

Our world is increasingly populated with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, wearables, smart cards, and RFID tags, but powering them has become a real challenge. The EnerCera* Pouch and EnerCera Coin—the world’s first rechargeable lithium-ion batteries at such tiny dimensions—provide a simple and elegant solution based on NGK’s unique ceramics technology. A compact, ultra-thin, high energy density rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the EnerCera packs above-average capacity for energy-intensive uses such as sensors or wireless communications. One of the main strengths of the EnerCera is its high heat resistance, and the EnerCera Coin can withstand temperatures ranging between -40 and 105 degrees Celsius. By harvesting energy from renewable sources or long-range wireless charging networks, the EnerCera can self-charge remotely, removing the need for battery replacement and extending the lifespan of IoT networks, while increasing their versatility and convenience.

* EnerCera is a trademark of NGK Insulators, Ltd., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

The Power in
Your Mobile

Electronics, from computers and mobile phones to household appliances and cars, are integral to every aspect of society. Semi-conductors are the secret engines that drive them to perform. Developed using NGK’s superior manufacturing practices, these ceramic heaters advance and support the evolution of IoT and AI. Since semi-conductors are very small and can get hot, NGK has developed bonded wafers for Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters, which enable efficient energy conversion, improve mobile phone functions, and drive optical data and mobile communication. These components are revolutionizing the semiconductor manufacturing industry and propelling electric and electronic devices into the future.

Keeping It Clean

When high fuel emissions and dense suspended particulate matter choke the environment, NGK’s eco-friendly products begin their work. These are the small, yet versatile exhaust purification ceramics known as HONEYCERAM* filters and particulate filters. Designed for diesel and gasoline cars, they not only trap minute particulate matter but also clean exhaust fumes in vehicles. The uncompromising NOx sensors are capable of measuring nitrogen oxide density in motor vehicles. Attached directly to exhaust pipes, these sensors allow precise measurements of NOx concentration in exhaust gas for extended periods of time.

* HONEYCERAM is a registered trademark of NGK Insulators, Ltd.

NGK is committed to sound environmental practices, complying with environmental laws, reducing industrial waste and preventing pollution. It aims to push the boundaries of material science and establish new global standards for a better world so future generations can have innovative applications that keep energy, ecology and the environment at the heart of everything they do.