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The Tokyo Effect: Article 3 of 3

Tokyo - The City
of Opportunities

English entrepreneur Tove Kinooka finds success
for her global business in the city.

Tove Kinooka

Photography by Cody Ellingham

Tokyo is a vital center for global business, serving as a springboard for foreign companies to enter the Japanese market.

Around 3700 companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange have a market capitalization of over USD 5.5 trillion, making it the largest stock market in Asia and the third largest in the world.

The city has a range of accelerator and growth-focused initiatives, highlighting Tokyo as a profitable location for startups and companies from all over the globe. One such startup is by English entrepreneur Tove Kinooka who started her business in Tokyo with ease, as she was preparing to give birth to her second child.

Business Launch

Tokyo is a thriving international business hub where more than 75% of foreign companies with offices in Japan, representing a variety of industries, are located.

The city is continuously evolving to make it even easier for non-Japanese companies and entrepreneurs to launch and be successful. One such entrepreneur who has found success in setting up a business in Tokyo is consultant Tove Kinooka.

Since becoming an entrepreneur, Kinooka has benefited from Tokyo’s status as an international business hub.

“Tokyo attracts people and companies from all over the world, from individual entrepreneurs to major global brands,” Kinooka explained. “There is an active network of business and social events in the business community, so there are plenty of opportunities to make connections.”

FinTech Sustainability

“We started the company to focus on organizational change and sustainability, and it feels like a very good time in Japan to be doing that,” Kinooka explained. “So, these initiatives have really given us an opportunity to tell our potential clients this is something they need to be thinking about and taking action on.”

Empowering Women

Empowering women and mothers to stay in the workforce

Kinooka’s two children are aged 13 and three years old, and she appreciates the services and the flexibility as both a mother and an entrepreneur.

“My son is in a local daycare now, and I'm extremely impressed with the standard of care there,” she said.

Kinooka has always felt it was safe for her child to walk to school alone or with friends, something she recognizes as a usual concern for parents. Tokyo’s overall safety has even been acknowledged by The Economist Intelligence Unit when it awarded the Japanese capital 2019’s safest city in the world.

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