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Scenic beauty

Mountain peaks and lush green valleys: the breathtaking scenery in India is like no other. Blogger Siddhartha Joshi offers his favourite spots to take in all the natural beauty the country has to offer.

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Explore all the natural beauty in India with blogger Siddhartha Joshi

By Siddartha Joshi

Mountain peaks and lush green valleys: the breathtaking scenery in India is like no other. Blogger Siddhartha Joshi offers his favourite spots to take in all the natural beauty the country has to offer.

By Siddartha Joshi

“From the Sahyadris - a mountain range known as ‘the benevolent mountains’ - to the melting pot of cultures in Sikkim, read my tips below to discover a level of beauty and diversity you’ve never seen before.”

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Located in the North Eastern part of India, Sikkim was the last state to join the Indian union. Nestled between Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, Sikkim is a melting pot of cultures. However, the natural beauty of the state is what truly makes it a must-visit destination in India.

It’s a small mountainous state, so the best way to explore would be by traveling slowly, one region at a time. Start with the capital city Gangtok, visit Nathu La on the Chinese border (the road-trip itself is breathtaking), then move either northwards or eastwards to Pelling. If adventure is your calling, head out to the base camp of Kanchenjunga - the third highest peak in the world on Sikkim’s North Eastern border.



It’s not without reason that Kerala is known as God’s own country - one visit to the state and you will come back completely rejuvenated! There is much to explore here but for me it’s the natural beauty that tops it all.

Visit Kerala to explore the pristine beaches, wondrous backwaters and hills of Munnar. It’s the backwaters that are most unique here - and there are many places where one can explore them, including popular Alleppey. However, I would recommend something else - a lesser-known heaven called Vaikom. It’s easily accessible from Cochin and you can spend a whole day just floating in waters on a boat. You can even choose to stay overnight on a houseboat and wake up to the sounds of chirping birds the next morning. Did I mention how heavenly that sounds?


Sahyadris translates into ‘the benevolent mountains’, and that’s how the locals value one of the oldest mountain ranges in India. Being one of the eight hottest biodiversity spots in the world, the Sahyadris range is part of the Western Ghats which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Since I live in a state through which the range passes - I have been able to explore it often. Sahyadri range continues all the way down south, but the name changes based on the region and the language spoken.

The best time to explore the Sahyadris is during the monsoon when the entire range turns into a beautiful bright green, and you can spend days staring at its beauty. It’s also the best time for hiking, and the rains simply add to the experience. One of the most beautiful parts of Sahyadris is a plateau called Kaas - which gets covered by hundreds of endemic flowers during and after the monsoon. It’s a sight unlike any other and must be seen to be believed.


Tucked far away in the remote North East, the state of Meghalaya has remained relatively unexplored by travellers. Its name translates into ‘abode in the clouds’ and was famously referred to as the ‘Scotland of the East’ by the British. Being the wettest region of the country, the ecosystem here is unique.

From the living bridges which are formed by branches and roots of trees, to the natural caves and some of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls, Meghalaya is truly a delight for anyone who loves to become at one with nature. I spent all my time in Meghalaya as a student traveling on buses, stopping by small towns, hiking in the mountains and caving in the relatively unexplored underground caves. I can’t wait for my next chance to travel back to the state and discover new secrets.


Madhya Pradesh

It’s a surreal experience to wake up early in the morning and see the most beautiful sunrise in the wild and then spend the rest of the day in the forest. This is how all my days were spent in Madhya Pradesh, also known as the heart of India due to its geographical location. The state is well-known for culture and history, but it has grown to fame around the world due to it’s beautiful nature and rich flora and fauna. The almost uninhabited ravines of Chambal add to the allure of the state.

My favourite memory of Madhya Pradesh was my first tete-a-tete with a wild tiger and that is an experience that I will never forget. It was at the Bandhavgarh National Park and happened completely by chance. So if you want to explore nature in India, I would suggest you start right at its heart - Madhya Pradesh.

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