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Where to find the most delicious gourmet dishes and incredible tasty snacks to eat around India. Follow Siddhartha Joshi, a photographer and blogger based in Mumbai, as he indulges in all the delicacies India has to offer.

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Follow blogger Siddhartha Joshi as indulges in all the delicacies in India

By Siddartha Joshi

Where to find the most delicious gourmet dishes and incredible tasty snacks to eat around India. Follow Siddhartha Joshi, a photographer and blogger based in Mumbai, as he indulges in all the delicacies India has to offer.

By Siddartha Joshi

“From chickpea flatbreads (Kulcha Chola) to richly spiced curries, follow me as I take you on a delicious tour for your taste buds. Indian cuisine is so layered and exciting – and best discovered one bite at a time.”

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Tamil Nadu

Though I come from a typical north Indian family, we occasionally ate south Indian food at home because my mother was experimental in the kitchen. It wasn’t until I finished school and moved south that I had my true introduction to Tamil food, and I was floored. Suddenly I was indulging in this whole new world of south Indian food and for years that became my favourite Indian cuisine.

The state has the best of both worlds - some of the best vegetarian food, known as saiva, as well as non-vegetarian food, known as asaiva. From the perfect light early morning breakfast like idli, dosa and upma to an even more perfect lunch including rasam, sambhar and rice, it’s easy to fall in love with the delicious flavours. Being a state with a large coastline, the variety of dishes is astounding, and one owes oneself the pleasure of traveling across the entire state to explore it all.


When it comes to Indian cuisine, Gujarati food is hands down my favourite. Though Indian to its core, it also has very unique flavours. For starters, most of the food has a tinge of sweetness - often achieved by adding a little bit of jaggery.

Although Surat is considered the food capital of Gujarat and absolutely lives up to its reputation, my favourite city to explore Gujarati food is actually Ahmedabad. It has Gujarati food from all parts of the state. The best way to explore the delicious variety is by eating a Gujarati thali. Alternatively head out to Manek Chowk in the middle of the old city for some eclectic mix of old and new - this is the place to visit if you’ve ever wanted to try a Chocolate pizza!


Even though I am a vegetarian, talking about Bengali food actually comes naturally to me. A state known primarily for its seafood delicacies, I actually found my space with something that’s possibly the most important part of a meal for me - sweets!

If you have a sweet tooth like me, a visit to Bengal is not to be missed. From the iconic Rasgulla (loosely translated to ‘juicy ball’), to the simpler mishti doi, the variety is simply astounding. You can get the best of the sweets right in the capital city Kolkata, but if you love traveling like me, then head further into the hinterlands for more varied and deeper flavours. Either way, for someone who loves their sweets, a visit to India is not complete without a trip to West Bengal!


Punjabi food is an Indian staple, so much so that when someone talks about North Indian food, they often mean Punjabi food specifically. The city of Amritsar in Punjab is the culinary capital of the state. You can find anything here, from traditional Punjabi food to more fusion plates, the city has something for every taste bud!

If you happen to be in Punjab, one of the most unforgettable experiences is community eating at a langar in a Gurudwara. Be sure to try some street food- often the best food is found in narrow lanes and alleys, easy to miss unless you are with a local. If you are traveling through Punjab, treat yourself to some iconic butter chicken or green saag if you are vegetarian, and also breads like Kuchas and stuffed parathas are delicious.



Deep fried and then dipped in sugar syrup, jalebis are best served sizzling hot. The circular tubes are filled with saffron flavoured sweetness and are often enjoyed at breakfast in many parts of the country, including Lucknow. To moderate the sweetness, jalebis are often served with sour curd.

Lucknow is a haven for foodies of all kinds. Perhaps the most famous are the mutton kebabs from Tunday kebab, followed by chaat-kachauri which are best served as street food. Don’t forget to try a Lucknowi biryani when visiting the city.

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