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Our bedrooms are more than just places where we sleep — they’re where we get dressed, or read a book in bed, or watch TV while working on a hobby like knitting. And the things we use for activities and self-care are often stored in our bedrooms, creating clutter where we need a clean space.

With those problems and more in mind, we consulted experts Caroline Moss, the host of the popular product recommendation podcast, “Gee Thanks, Just Bought It!” and Lisa Kron, who created Smallish Home to document the process of making her small home functional and stylish (check out her addictive TikTok videos!). They helped us pick out 20 of the absolute best bedroom organizers, all priced under $20.

6-Pocket Bedside Caddy ($12.99; amazon.com)

6-Pocket Bedside Caddy

Moss picked this six-pocket fabric caddy that slides in between the mattress and the box spring or bed frame and hangs over the side. “No more losing your phone in your bed (or is that just me?) — this bedside caddy keeps everything tidy and within reach,” she says.

Cable Clips Cord Organizer, 6-Pack ($6.97, originally $13.97; amazon.com)

Cable Clips Cord Organizer, 6-Pack

Adhesive cord managers grab onto cords, ensuring they won’t end up on the floor when not in use — which is an especially handy thing if you use a robot vacuum and need to make sure that it doesn’t vacuum up stray charging cords. It’s also very nice to be able to find your phone charger when you need it without diving under the bed to retrieve it! The peel-and-stick adhesive is safe to use on drywall, plastic, wood, glass, metal or rubber.

CCidea Clothes Organizers Storage Bag, 3-Pack ($16.99; amazon.com)

CCidea Clothes Organizers Storage Bag

The space under the bed is also prime real estate, but in a different way: It’s the obvious spot for stashing out-of-season or infrequently used items. But how you store those items is important, because it can get awfully dusty under there. Kron likes these zippered storage boxes for storing off-season clothing or extra bedding, because they’re soft-sided, making them more flexible than hard plastic bins, but they zip fully shut to keep dirt, dust and hair out.

iDesign Cade Facial Tissue Cover ($9.99; amazon.com)

iDesign Cade Facial Tissue Cover

Bedside table real estate is a precious commodity, and this genius tissue holder is designed with that in mind. It flips the box on its side, so you pull the tissues out rather than up, which allows the top of the tissue holder to be used like a trinket tray to stash small bedside table items like eyeglasses, lip balm or hand cream.

Wall Mount Multi Outlet Extender ($14.99, originally $19.99; amazon.com)

Wall Mount Multi Outlet Extender

Moss encourages people to “replace every two-plug outlet with a bulk surge protector. You will never, ever regret it.” This outlet has three AC electrical sockets and four USB charging ports, so you can plug a lamp into the same surge protector where you plug in your phone charger, keeping all those cords together in one place.

Hanging Laundry Hamper ($13.96; amazon.com)

Hanging Laundry Hamper

Having a place to toss dirty laundry is crucial in a bedroom, but hampers can take up a lot of space. This hanging hamper can be hung on the back of the door in a room where floor space is at a premium.

Plastic Organizer Box with Adjustable Dividers ($11.99 for a set of 2; amazon.com)

Plastic Organizer Box with Adjustable Dividers

Kron recommends this clear plastic divided organizer for jewelry — “especially earrings and necklaces which tend to get tangled or lost,” she says. It has 36 cubbyholes for storing small things, and the removable dividers can be adjusted to accommodate slightly larger items.

11-Peg Acrylic Necklace Wall Rack ($12.99; containerstore.com)

11-Peg Acrylic Necklace Wall Rack

Using wall space to create storage is a staple of professional organizing advice. “The necklace peg unit is minimalist but packs a big punch — no more draping your jewelry over door knobs or the hooks in the bathroom,” Moss says.

Personalized Trinket Dish ($8.99; etsy.com)

Personalized Trinket Dish

Another way to organize a collection of small things is on a trinket tray. The tray tricks the eye into thinking that a jumble of items is neat and tidy, and it provides an automatic place for you to put essentials when they’re not in use, so you won’t always be searching for them.

Invisible Floating Bookshelf ($15; etsy.com)

Invisible Floating Bookshelf

Books and magazines for bedtime reading take up a lot of space, so the voracious reader may want to invest in a small wall-mounted floating bookshelf for storing reading material, to free up valuable space on the bedside table.

Linen Folding Storage Ottoman ($16.99; amazon.com)

Linen Folding Storage Ottoman

Moss recommends this linen-covered storage ottoman — which comes in gray, black, blue, beige, green, orange and red — because, as she puts it, “Sometimes organizing is just about shoving things out of the way.” It folds when not in use, so it can easily be transported, or stored flat when you don’t need it.

Extra Large Cotton Rope Basket ($18.99; amazon.com)

Extra Large Cotton Rope Basket

Sometimes you just need a giant basket where you can stash things! This extra-large cotton rope basket is an excellent way to store extra blankets or pillows, or clothes like pajamas or sweats. It can also pull double duty as a laundry hamper.

mDesign 3-Tier Shelf Organizer Stand ($19.99; amazon.com)

mDesign 3-Tier Shelf Organizer Stand

Moss calls this three-tier riser-style shelf “the ultimate space saver for any room.” It’s also the perfect solution to a problem that’s becoming increasingly common when it comes to creating a calm, streamlined-looking bedroom — how to store small electronic boxes like Apple TVs or routers.

Vanity Tray ($19.99; amazon.com)

Vanity Tray

Piles of small items can accumulate quickly on dressers and bedside tables, creating visual clutter that will make a bedroom look chaotic. A decorative vanity tray is a quick, easy and stylish way to make a jumbled collection of eyeglasses, lip balms, hand creams and other personal effects look neat.

iDesign 3 Plastic Drawers Set ($15.93, originally $19.99; amazon.com)

iDesign 3 Plastic Drawers Set

Another way to corral small items like eyeglasses or medications you keep by your bed is to buy a small acrylic drawer set. Closed drawer storage has the benefit of keeping dust and hair off of whatever’s inside.

Fabric Cord Cover ($10.99; amazon.com)

Fabric Cord Cover

Being able to find your charging cords when you need them is only one part of cord management — sometimes the name of the game is hiding a mass of cords completely. The fabric cover is 6 feet long, and can be used to hide electrical cords on lamps or charging stations, as well as TV cords and cables.

Wall Mounted Black Coat Hooks, 10-Pack ($13.99; amazon.com)

Wall Mounted Black Coat Hooks

If you’re always throwing your favorite hoodie or those PJs you plan to wear again over the back of a chair in your bedroom (that chair has a name and its name is “The Laundry Chair”), consider investing in some wall-mounted hooks. That hoodie will look a lot less messy hanging from a hook than draped over The Laundry Chair.

Freestanding Garment Rack ($19.99; amazon.com)

Freestanding Garment Rack

If you have a tiny closet, a garment rack can be an essential, but even people who have enough closet space can benefit from this purchase. “A freestanding garment rack is perfect for showcasing some of your favorite clothes or it can be a more utilitarian option for raincoats and bulky items you’re sick of yanking out of your closet,” Moss says.

Small Milk Crate with Handles ($12; target.com)

Small Milk Crate with Handles

This small open-topped crate can be used to store books, crafting materials like yarn and knitting needles, or even an extra blanket — and its stylish industrial design and copper handles make it look much more expensive than it actually is!

Small Felt Basket with Stitching ($14; target.com)

Small Felt Basket with Stitching

Kron loves these felt baskets that can be used to stash loads of things, from personal care items like foot creams and lip balms to hair accessories or jewelry. The felt baskets come in two colors, oatmeal and dark gray, and have cutout handles on the side for ease of grabbing or carrying.