underscored prime day 2022 nintendo switch

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Amazon Prime Day is always a great time to be a Nintendo Switch fan. We’re already seeing big discounts on Nintendo Switch games and accessories for Prime Day 2022, whether you need some extra Joy-Cons for family game night or want to beef up your game collection for some on-the-go gaming during your summer travels. Here are the best Nintendo Switch deals we’ve spotted so far.

Nintendo Switch game deals

This great deal gets you a free Switch Online sub with your choice of Super Mario 3D World, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis or Mario Party.

Nintendo Switch Sports is a great way to get moving in games like bowling and tennis, both online and in your living room with friends.

This remote-controlled car game turns your living room into a real-life Mario Kart course, and it's cheaper than ever right now.

This fun, over-the-top soccer game is already on sale just weeks after launching, and it's a perfect fit for multiplayer game nights.

This is the first major discount we've seen on this critically acclaimed 2022 adventure, which lets Kirby swallow up and mimic his enemies in all kinds of creative new ways.

Largely considered the best Switch game out there (and the best Zelda game ever), this vaunted open-world epic is a no-brainer for $20 off.

You pretty much need Mario Kart 8 Deluxe if you own a Switch, and it's currently $10 off.

The messy, colorful Splatoon 2 is one of Switch's best multiplayer games, and now's the perfect time to speed before Splatoon 3 hits later this year.

This is one of the first discounts we've seen on Pokémon Legends Arceus, which revitalizes the iconic series with breathtaking open-world gameplay.

This epic Lego adventure lets you play through bricked-out versions of all nine "Star Wars" films, complete with great humor and fun lightsaber action.

This critically acclaimed racing game captures the joy of playing with Hot Wheels cars in immaculate detail, and it's hugely discounted right now.

This popular workout adventure will have you breaking a sweat while strategically fighting your way through dungeons. What's not to love?

Nintendo Switch accessory deals

A screen protector is a great way to keep your Switch screen free of scratches, and this popular Ivoler set gets you three of them for only a few bucks. The company also has discounted protectors specifically for the Switch Lite and Switch OLED.

This sleek, sturdy case features storage for up to nine game cards and comes in several attractive variations featuring beloved Nintendo characters.

If you need more storage space, this popular Daydayup model can hold up to 20 games and has plenty of room for extra Joy-Cons and cables.

A microSD card is a must for anyone downloading lots of games to their Switch, and this SanDisk model gets you lots of storage for cheap.

This wired controller is a good budget alternative to Nintendo's Pro Controller, and it comes in a range of fun Nintendo themes.

Perfect for serious Fortnite or Apex Legends players, this high-end PowerA controller is available at a deep discount for Prime Day.

Hori's Split Pad Pro allows you to enjoy full-size controls when taking your Switch on the go, and this stylish Pokemon model is $20 off right now.

The comfy, great-sounding Kraken X is our budget pick for gaming headsets, and it's even more of a no-brainer for less than $25.

Another great affordable option for playing on the go, the SteelSeries Arctis 1 offers the same comfy, lightweight frame of its more expensive siblings.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 is our favorite wireless gaming headset, and it's down to its lowest price.