Emergency radios

CNN Underscored is constantly testing products — be those emergency radios, electric lawn mowers or LED light strips — to find the absolute best in each respective category. Our testing process is rigorous, starting out by spending hours of research to find the top products in each category. Once we create a testing pool of products, we test and retest each product multiple times in real-world settings over several weeks or even months.

This year, we’ve already tested many dozens of products — from the best cold brew coffee makers to juicers to mops — to find the best products you need to make life better. Here are the winning products from June.


Electric lawn mowers

The best electric lawn mower overall

Easier to operate than the competition, self-propelled and, best of all, great at cutting grass, the Ego Power+ Select Cut electric lawn mower packs plenty of power to get through mowing a standard lawn on a single charge and almost makes the chore fun.

Emergency radios

The best emergency radio overall

With easy-to-use alerts, four charging options, a bright LCD screen, a powerful flashlight and straightforward controls, the Midland ER310 outperformed the other radios we tested in every area and makes a valuable addition to your household emergency kit.


Best mop overall

The O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop combines a hands-free wringing bucket with a lightweight, triangular mop head that’s perfect for both mopping and spot-scrubbing on any surface.


Coffee subscriptions

Best coffee subscription box overall

Blue Bottle's coffee subscription won us over with its balance of variety, customizability and, most importantly, taste. The flavors are complex and bold but unmistakably delicious. Beyond its coffee, Blue Bottle's subscription is simple and easy to use, with tons of options to tailor to your caffeine needs.

Cold brew coffee makers

Best cold brew coffee maker overall

Overall, the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot scored highest. This sleek, sophisticated and streamlined carafe produces 1 liter (about 4 1/4 cups) of rich, robust brew in just eight hours. It was among the simplest to assemble, it executed an exemplary brew in about the shortest time span and it looked snazzy doing it. Plus, it rang up as the second most affordable of our inventory.


The best juicer overall

The Hurom H-AA consistently gave us more juice with better body than any other juicer we tested. It's more expensive than the others, but if you want the most from your fruits and vegetables, it's worth the money and the counter space.


Bug sprays

Best bug spray overall and best DEET-free bug spray

So nice and light you might forget you’re wearing it, though bugs won’t. Picaridin — Proven’s active ingredient, comprising 20% of its formula — is one of the best at repelling bugs.


Best sunscreen overall

The Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Sunscreen Spray scored miles above every other sunscreen we tested. An SPF 30, broad-spectrum, chemical formulation, this spray sunscreen applied super light, rubbed into the skin right away and smelled deliciously of coconut.

Work-from-home essentials

LED light strips

The best LED light strips overall

The Govee Wi-Fi RGBIC strip lights perform brilliantly and give you longer lengths and more coverage for less money than the competition. The easy-to-use app lets you create warm ambiances and color-changing special effects for entertaining or everyday use.