When our wheels move So does the economy A Virtual Reality Experience

Moorman Yard: A Symphony in Motion

Bellevue, OH

Strategically positioned at Bellevue, Moorman Yard is the third largest rail yard in America. Railroaders there sort trains and freight cars for their destinations, much like an airport sorts airplanes and passengers. Experience an immersive look at train classification and car switching across the yard’s 80 tracks.

The Innovation of Renovation at Juniata Locomotive Shop

Altoona, PA

The skilled craftsmen and women of Juniata Locomotive Shop — the best in the industry — can overhaul and refurbish a gigantic and complex locomotive in just six days. Some 925 employees at the shop help oversee a fleet of 3,800 locomotives. Explore the many work bays at Juniata, each two football fields long, and enjoy a 360-degree look behind the scenes.

The Historic Triumph of Horseshoe Curve

Altoona, PA

A feat of railroad engineering that supports 150,000 tons of freight per day, Horseshoe Curve is a three-track railroad curve built in 1854 to bisect the Allegheny Mountains. Join the thousands of spectators who visit yearly to witness one of the few places on Earth where the locomotive engineer can see the end of the train without having to look back.