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Crucial Milestones on the Road to 100 Power Plants in Sub-Saharan Africa

In June 2018, GE reached a significant milestone in Sub-Saharan Africa: the installation of their 100th power plant in the region. GE's plants generate over 46 gigawatts of power from a variety of sources, including solar, hydro, wind, gas, and steam. These installations are providing equivalent power for up to 250 million people across 22 countries.

In this interactive timeline, we'll take a closer look at some major milestones on the road to 100 power plants, and end with a glimpse into the future of power in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The implementation of GE's Energy Management System will enable remote monitoring and complete visibility of the entire grid across 14 countries.

Over 1 billion people worldwide lack access to reliable electricity, 600 million of them in Sub-Saharan Africa. Connecting many of these people to a centralized plant through a standard electric grid simply isn't feasible. Today, throughout SSA, GE is experimenting with decentralized approaches like microgrids that could help bring electricity to many. In Nigeria, GE is working with the government to bring renewable electricity to remote communities like Soron Yamma Alela. Soon, a 172kw solar system with integrated energy storage will deliver round-the-clock power to its 274 homes and five businesses.